Micro Warming Plate

The Micro Warming Plate is a plate with a surface made from transparent crystal. It allows the optimal thermal monitoring of specimens to be ensured, offering the desired temperatures during microscopic observation. It combines a PID system with heat generation through the surface of the glass.

Kitazato Warming Plares are designed and manufactured in Japan.

Micro warming plate

Inverted Microscopes

The Kitazato heated plates facilitate the observation of the sample at large magnifications, allowing a large field of vision with sufficient focal distance. Optimal for phase-contrast.

  • MPF-10HF-N – Nikon: Ti / TE2000, TE300, TE200
  • MPF-10HF-O – Olympus: IX70, IX71, IX73
  • MPF-10HF-ZK – Leica: DMI3000, DMI4000, DMI6000

Stereo Microscopes

MPF-10-SAP (Workstation)
Universal Heated Plate with a transparent thermal surface which has a design with height-adjustable legs, making it compatible with multiple models of stereo microscopes.

MPF-10-SZX-ILLK – Olympus: SZX16, SZX10 (Type ILLB, ILLK, ILLD)
Designed to fit in the stage and efficiently perform the role of workstation. Must be installed in the microscope with captive screws.

MPF-20-SMZ – Nikon: SMZ
Designed to be installed in stages with circular openings.

MPF-10-MZ – Leica: M205, M165
Designed for stages with rectangular openings. Provides a flat surface which facilitates the handling and placement of the specimens during their observation.

Binocular Biological Microscopes

  • MP – 500 Small Type. For small stages with limited space.
  • MP-1000 Small Type. Optimal for the majority of binocular biological microscopes.
  • MP-2000 Mid-size Type. Larger surface for larger number of dishes.
  • MP-3000 Large Type. Thanks to its large size it allows the observation of small animal specimens.

The thermal stability has been improved thanks to the original technology developed by KITAZATO, combined with a PID system with heat generation through the crystal surface.

KITAZATO allows the personalisation of this product. We respond to your needs, producing a customised plate: size, design and technical specifications may be adapted to your preferences.

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